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Changing an atom-graphic planner
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Atoms and Elements
Interactive Periodic Table
The Visual Elements Periodic Table
The Pictorial Periodic Table
Physical and Chemical Change Lab
Physical and Chemical Changes in Matter
Ionic and Covalent bonding clip.
Nano-tech game
Periodic table in pictures
Properties and States of Matter
Atoms Web Quest
Harcourt states of matter simulation
BBC - bite size Matter.
Physical/chemical Changes- HW
Atoms/Elements Webquest worksheet
States of Matter webquest
Separating mixtures by physical properties
Find the common states of matter
Change of State w/ Sublimation
Physical and Chemical change animation
Matter and energy are neither
created nor destroyed
States of Matter Study Guide
Periodic Table of Videos
Compounds and reactions
**Test Prep for atoms and elements
Ionic and Covalent bonding.pdf
How to do Lewis dot structures.pdf
Power point presentations
Acids and Bases
The PH factor
Alien Juice Bar
PBS Kitchen Chemistry
Molecules and Bonding
BBC Acids Bases and Metals Activity
Quia PH Quiz.html
Compounds and MIxtures
BBC Bitesize - compounds and mixtures
Quizlet States of Matter Vocab. Practice
BBC Atoms & Elements
Gas Laws
phet simulation/gas-properties
Physical and Chemical Change Reading
Exploring viscosity simulation
Quizlet properties of matter vocab.
learner interactive periodic table
phet build an atom simulation
Quia millionare atoms and ions
 Student element poetry
Quia bonding battleship game
Quia Rags to Riches bonding game
Metallic bonds reading
Reactants, products and left overs. Phet.
Phet acid base simulation
Alloy info page
list of alloys wikipedia
How its Made, Youtube - stainless steel alloy video
How its Made, Youtube - steel forgings
Build-a-molecule, pHet simulation
Quizlet chemical reactions vocab practice
Quia Rags to Riches
Nuclear Energy - Radioactivity, fission and fusion
Common uses for radioactive isotopes.pdf
Glencoe virtual half life experiment
BBC nuclear reaction interactive movie
BBC radioactivity activity.shtml
BBC fission_fusion/fission guided web lesson.shtml
Half life virtual activity - Glencoe
Radiation primer including EM and
Quia - Chpt 3 Change of State
Quizlet - Atoms, Elements and the Periodic Table
Periodic Table Chapter Puzzle
BBC Covalent Bonding Activity
BBC Covalent Bonding Activity
Annenburg Ionic bonding simulation with polyatomic ions