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Nature of Science
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Science Skills Links
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Scientific inquiry is a thoughtful and coordinated attempt to search out, describe, explain and predict natural phenomena.

Scientific inquiry progresses through a continuous process of questioning, data collection, analysis and interpretation.

Scientific inquiry requires the sharing of findings and ideas for critical review by colleagues and other scientists.


Scientific literacy includes speaking, listening, presenting, interpreting, reading and writing about science.

Scientific literacy also includes the ability to search for and assess the relevance and credibility of scientific information found in various print and electronic media.

Scientific numeracy includes the ability to use mathematical operations and procedures to calculate, analyze and present scientific data and ideas.

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Metric System Links
Data and Graphing
Using the triple beam balance
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Metric rags to riches review game
         King Henry Died Unexpectedly Drinking Chocolate Milk
         Kilo Hecto Deka Unit Deci Centi Milli
Metric System Links Continued
See below for a useful graphic organizer for conversions.
Technology and Society
Discover how engineers use technology to change the world.
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